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Cut-crease 💋☺
I just can't get over how much I love these #esqidolashes 😍 _You can use ASHLEYMACLACHLANMUA15 at _
Shoutout to _demilunn for lending me her #urbandecay vice palettes to play with 😚
A look completed using the _urbandecaycosmetics #vicepalette 4 😊_Eyes- bitter, delete, bones_Brows-
I've been feeling pretty creative lately
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I am a certified Makeup Artist that originated in Prince George, BC, Canada. My goal is simple: to bring your beauty vision to life. I want to make you feel glamorous and polished. I don't want you to feel intimidated though. Whether you are like many of my clients who never wear makeup, or you’re interested in being transformed into a fantasy character- I will use my skills to complete your vision no matter what.



Wanting to look polished and elegant for your big day? I'm here to make you feel comfortable by assessing what would match your style, and include your wants. Leave the work to me on your special day!

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I specialize in glamour makeup, so photoshoots are always fun. Whether you're aiming for a more clean, simple look, or a full-glamour with glitter, I'm here for you! Lets make some magic for that camera to capture.

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Not sure how to apply eyeshadow? Maybe you're trying to perfect a cat eye? I am here to teach you anything from the bare-bone basics of makeup, all the way to full glamour. I can also offer my expertise on some basic SPFX techniques.

**Prices vary. If you're interested in a service, contact me and we can discuss details further